Paraview Speakers Bureau

Make your next meeting, seminar, article, or TV or radio spot a memorable one by interviewing a Paraview author. Our authors are experts in fields that transform society -- science, spirituality, alternative health, astrology, psychology, and more. All arrangements regarding a speaker’s appearance are to be agreed upon between you and the speaker. If you’d like to interview one of our authors, contact us.
Speaker John Adams, Ph.D.
Author of Life Changes: A Guide to the Seven Stages of Personal Growth
Location San Francisco
Topics Life Changes: Growing through Personal Transition
Resilience and Work-Life Balance
Thinking Today as if Tomorrow Mattered
Influencing Effectively: Basic Consulting Skills
Speaker Chellie Campbell
Author of The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction
Location Los Angeles
Topics The Wealthy Spirit: Three Keys to Prosperity
$ecrets of $elling
Goal Setting Isn't Enough -- Goal Getting Is
It's Not Net-Sit, It's Not Net-Eat, It's Net-Work!
Speaker Daryl Paulson
Author of Competitive Business, Caring Business
Location Bozeman, Montana, but will travel
Topics Integral psychology
Transpersonal psychology
Responsible business
War trauma

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