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Make your next meeting, seminar, article, or TV or radio spot a memorable one by interviewing a Paraview author. Our authors are experts in fields that transform society -- science, spirituality, alternative health, astrology, psychology, and more. All arrangements regarding a speaker’s appearance are to be agreed upon between you and the speaker. If you’d like to interview one of our authors, contact us.
Speaker Stanton T. Friedman
Author of Crash at Corona
Location New Brunswick, Canada, near Boston
Topics Flying Saucers are Real!
The Roswell incident
Star Travel? YES!
UFOs: Earth’s Cosmic Watergate
Speaker Patrick Huyghe
Author of Swamp Gas Times: My Two Decades on the UFO Beat
The Field Guide to Extraterrestrials
Location New York
Topics UFOs
Alternative journalism
Speaker Nick Redfern
Author of Three Men Seeking Monsters
Strange Secrets
A Covert Agenda
Location Dallas
Topics Cryptozoology in the UK (unknown animals such as lake monsters,
Government files on UFOs
Real government X-Files
The CIA’s search for the remains of Noah’s Ark
Speaker Mac Tonnies
Author of After the Martian Apocalypse
Location Kansas City, Missouri
Topics Mars exploration, artifacts, and research

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