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Life Changes
A Guide to the Seven Stages of Personal Growth

By Sabina A. Spencer and John D. Adams

Paraview Special Editions, 2003
ISBN: 1931044430
Psychology & Personal Growth, 198 pages
Paperback, $12.95
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What Are the Seven Stages Of Personal Growth?


Knowing that people tend to respond to major changes in a predictable pattern may help put natural reactions to change into perspective. The stages have no particular time limits or degrees of intensity.

Stage I: Losing Focus
This stage is marked by feelings of numbness or unreality.

Stage II: Minimizing the Impact
This is a period of denial, when people pretend that life is "business as usual."

Stage III: The Pit
When minimizing and denial don't work anymore, reality finally hits home. Depression and a sense of powerlessness set in.

Stage IV: Letting Go of the Past
This is a time of forgiveness and letting go, a time of preparing to move on with life.

Stage V: Testing the Limits
During this stage, energy and enthusiasm return. This is a time to experiment and try new ventures.

Stage VI: Searching for Meaning
At this stage of adjustment, people try to figure out what life is about and who they really are.

Stage VII: Integrating
This is the time to stand back and find out what the changes and transitions mean on a grander scale.

Copyright 2003  Sabina A. Spencer and John D. Adams



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