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The Power of Insight
Finding the Courage to Connect® in Business
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by Ingrid Spronck and Thomas J. Beerepoot

Paraview Special Editions, 2003
ISBN: 1931044627
Responsible Business, 116 pages
Trade Paperback, $14.00

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Top leaders must have vision -- “aha” moments when one sees clearly. But can these flashes of breakthrough thinking be created? And can they be turned into tangible results?

In The Power of Insight, you will learn how to develop the ability to see in a new way and then act on your vision. You’ll discover how to connect your reason and emotions while integrating clarity and soul into your strategy. You’ll overcome apathy and anxiety, create change, and inspire others. You’ll become a leader. Authors Thomas Beerepoot and Ingrid Spronck utilize their Courage to Connect® techniques to create transformations in their corporate clients. In The Power of Insight, they provide exercises, case studies, and visual diagrams, plus a key tool -- the Dream Agenda, which details the exact steps to take to realize your goals.

“Outstanding book. It is time that this very good book will see the light of day and inform people all over the world.”
-- Warren Bennis, Ph.D., professor and author of On Becoming a Leader

“The Courage to Connect methodology has supported me
in increasing the speed in sharpening my thoughts, speed up my decision-making process, [and] helping me get to action fast.”
-- Hans Koemeester, director, Siemens AG


are the founders of Courage to Connect, an Amsterdam-based consulting firm. Armed with fifteen years of experience with top leaders, they offer executive coaching, workshops, and tools that accelerate the pace of transformation of individuals, teams, and companies. Their process stimulates entrepreneurship and freedom from old paradigms.

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