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The Power of Insight
Finding the Courage to Connect® in Business
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by Ingrid Spronck and Thomas J. Beerepoot

Paraview Special Editions, 2003
ISBN: 1931044627
Responsible Business, 116 pages
Trade Paperback, $14.00

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Excerpts from The Power of Insight

  We frequently come up against boundaries in business, science, politics, companies, religions, and leadership. The boundaries we experience, however, are often within ourselves. We can only surpass these boundaries when our reason and emotions come together and form a new capacity we call seeing. This moment of seeing or insight can be full of tension. The discomfort that’s created can lead us to retreat to our comfort zone and rely on either reason or emotion. If we feel more comfortable using reason, we may come up with some great ideas but be unable to act on them. On the other hand, if we rely on our emotions, we may respond impulsively and without much thought.

But overcoming the tension between reason and emotions and using these capacities simultaneously will lead to breakthrough insight. In a moment of seeing we are able to embrace these tensions and overcome them, suddenly knowing precisely what to do.

The power of seeing gives us the courage to find our way through the discomfort, tensions, and barriers from the differences in life. In this book we hope to help leaders steer through this exiting and increasingly complex world and achieve insight and action in the midst of differences, paradoxes, and complexity. It takes courage to see the world as it is. It takes courage to use the power of seeing and be a seeing-driven leader. This book shows how leaders can develop the ability to see (insight) and use the tension of differences to help others to see and overcome differences in their own business units, companies, and lives.

A Unique Model
We are the first in the world to present this unique model. An easy-in, easy-out tool, the Courage to Connect model describes how to achieve insight by connecting reason and emotion and overcoming the tension between them. It also looks at how individuals can develop their own leading and seeing abilities. This is an easy, fun way to develop leadership and transform workplaces, by seeing and overcoming the tensions and boundaries of change within companies and beyond. This book is full of real examples that show how other leaders have used the power of seeing to transform their companies.

We recently realized that it was time to develop our Courage to Connect model in greater detail and share it with the world so that more people could benefit. Together we created the book that lies in front of you. Our model is about being successful and making dreams come true. In the end, it is about love.

A Tried and Tested Approach
The Courage to Connect is an approach with tools that has been used by multinational companies in many countries, at all levels of the organization, and in many different branches and situations. The approach stimulates entrepreneurship and helps companies make major transformations and achieve clear strategy and shared action, thereby attaining great results. This book deals with applying the Courage model. It is about finding the courage to connect with ourselves, our surroundings, and the world around us. We hope to get companies to reach beyond their current goals so that they will use their leadership to positively impact world problems such as safety, the environment, poverty, and discrimination.

The Courage model tackles negative forces and uses this energy for positive growth. This book will help you to integrate this unique approach into your surroundings or your organization.

© 2003 Ingrid Spronck and Thomas J. Beerepoot

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