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The Last Vampire
by Whitley Strieber

Pocket Books, 2001
Fiction, 304 pp
ISBN: 0743417208
Hardcover: $24.95 

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The eternal heroine of Whitley Strieber's classic novel The Hunger, Miriam Blaylock returns in The Last Vampire -- a new tale of stunning invention and mounting suspense that goes as deep into the dark as a nightmare.

She lives. 

Miriam Blaylock's insatiable hunger has never ceased. Her incomparable beauty has made her a legend among the Keepers. Her many lovers have come and gone, crumbling into ash and nothingness. She knows the secrets of civilization, and the mysteries of life. In the hollow soul of her mother she has witnessed the agony of undeath. 

For centuries she has gained the wisdom of God and the wit of the Devil. For centuries she has traveled the world undetected. For centuries she has felt safe. Until now. 

For Miriam Blaylock, immortality is a thing of the past. 

He watches. 

Vampires. Interpol agent Paul Ward knows of them: he has battled and cleansed continents of their exquisite poison. He orchestrated the extermination of an ancient lair in Bangkok, obtained their sacred Book of Names, and knows where they hide and when they feast. He knows their weaknesses. And what's more, he knows his's Miriam Blaylock. Elusive and toxic, she has escaped his complex network of hunters for years. Seductive and cunning, she has become his obsession. 

And now each has set a trap for the other. 

Now, predator is about to become prey. Killer to become lover. Good and evil will become inexorably entwined. The endgame begins for the last vampire. 

  Whitley Streiber

WHITLEY STRIEBER is the number one bestselling author of the landmark horror novels The Hunger and The Wolfen, and the million-copy bestsellers Communion, Transformation, and Confirmation. He is the coauthor, with radio talk-show host Art Bell, of the New York Times bestseller The Coming Global Superstorm, published by Pocket Books. The Last Vampire is currently being optioned as a major motion picture.

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