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The Great Apparitions of Mary 
An Examination of the Twenty-Two Supranormal Appearances
By Ingo Swann

Crossroad, 1996
Spirituality, 239 pages
ISBN: 0824516141
Trade Paperback, $18.95

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The Great apparitions--starting with Guadalupe in 1531--occur with a steady and increasing drumbeat across the decades and centuries. The places and the principals involved change, but the messages calling people to turn from lives of violence and sin and to seek repentance are remarkably similar. By focusing on the most widely known and documented appearances and presenting them in chronological order, the events and the messages emerge in a powerful way.

Swann shows how advances in science have placed the apparitions in a more intriguing light. One of the historic challenges concerning them was how could something which was not there be there in a way that registered on the eye mechanisms. The discovery of holography, where images that appear to be three-dimensional having bulk, shape and mass, images that can even be photographed, has provided an analogy that enlarges our perception of the physical laws and challenges the skeptics' verdict of hallucination.

Catholic or not, religious or not, believer or not, this fascinating and compelling account of the appearances of Mary challenges readers to reflect on the messages and their possible consequences for our civilization and for our future.

  Ingo Swann

INGO SWANN is a talented remote reviewer and artist with paintings displayed in the Smithsonian. He has published five books including Cosmic Art and Your Nostradamus Factor. He resides in New York City.

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