Dream Interpretation (and more!) Made Easy
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Dream Interpretation (and more!) Made EasyPoint here for more book info
by Kevin Todeschi

Paraview Press, 2000
ISBN: 1-931044-01-5
Self-Help, 212pp
Trade Paperback: $12.95

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Finally, a guide to dream interpretation that everyone can use! Whether you've worked with dreams all your life, or have never remembered a dream before, Dream Interpretation (and more!) Made Easy will show you a simple approach to understanding dreams and interpreting their symbols. This book contains dozens of real-life dreams and a description of how they were interpreted using such tools as themes and emotions, current life events, and, of course, symbolism. The book also includes a comprehensive symbol dictionary to help you interpret hundreds of common symbols and dream images.

Building upon the use of dreams, author Kevin Todeschi also explores Conscious Dreamplay -- the ability to have a "waking dream" and obtain valid intuitive information on virtually any question imaginable. His step-by-step process will enable you to work with friends or alone and discover how the subconscious mind and the imagination work together as a foundation for personal guidance and intuition.

"This is not a cute little booklet with symbols you look up for that one-size-fits-all answer. He does some very useful appendixes, but the strength of his well-researched book is its power to inform." -- Judith Hatcher, Dancer

“Does the world really need another dream book? That was my though when I first came across Kevin Todeschi’s Dream Interpretation (and More!) Made Easy. However, as the title suggests, it is more—in fact, it is much more. Drawing upon his 25 years’ experience working with dreams, Todeschi has pulled together a remarkably different guide to dreams and symbolism that both the novice and the experienced interpreter of dreams will find extremely useful…This universal applicability, the book’s variety of approaches, sample dreams to interpret, and the creative new technique of Conscious Dreamplay, all make Todeschi’s latest book a valuable addition to the world of dream study.” -- Susan Lendvay, Venture Inward

The Encyclopedia of Symbolism


Kevin Todeschi
Kevin J Todeschi: Dream Interpretation (and more!) Made Easy
is a nationally recognized resource on the interpretation of dreams. He has worked with dreams for more than 25 years, spoken about dreams to thousands of individuals on five continents, taught hundreds of students in dream interpretation workshops, and interpreted thousands of dreams, both in person and "live" on the air. Todeschi is the author of more than ten books, including The Encyclopedia of Symbolism, an exhaustive reference work that contains more than 2,500 dream symbols and 10,000 interpretations.

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