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by Edna Ventre-Auerfeld

Paraview Pocket Books, 2004
ISBN: 0743482069
Visionary Fiction, 384 pages
Mass market paperback, $6.99

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She can cure the sick. She can give life to the dying. But can she save herself?

Penny Chaney was a living miracle. The victim of a lethally sudden virus, no medicine could help her, and no doctor could bring her back. Then, in the realm between this world and the next, she was given a choice: enter the hereafter, or return to her life with the extraordinary ability to heal others -- but at a great personal price. Penny chose life.

When her exceptional power is discovered, the world's reaction ranges from reverent awe to outraged disbelief. Penny and her family find themselves besieged by devoted followers as well as crass opportunists -- two of whom are seeking her out, each for personal reasons. One, driven by warped fanaticism, wants to kill her. The other will try to show her why she was chosen, and help her face the final, terrible cost of Penny’s Gift.


is a 34-year-old mother of two. After graduating from Binghamton University in 1989 with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, she earned a master’s degree in elementary education at SUNY Brockport. Penny’s Gift was born from a lifetime of daydreaming, imagining ordinary people who have extraordinary circumstances thrown their way, and was committed to paper during a hiatus from teaching.

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