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Love Scenes
[Number One to Ten]
by Dirk Wales, 2002
ISBN: 0595228577
Fiction, 124 pages
Paperback, $10.95

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Ten couples provide ten love scenes. In these scenarios by Dirk Wales, love scenes extract the truth about relationships. Some love scenes show couples with promise, while others portray couples that need to give their love scene a kick-start. Readers will take away the characters’ passion, their emotions, their disregard for what will transpire after the love scene ends.

  Dirk Wales

DIRK WALES is the author of two novels, Landon Harris Has Found a New Voice and The Lost Photographs of Nicholas Kases, which is dramatized with 87 photographs. In addition, Wales has also photographed and written two books of his Numbers Series of images and text. Wales has been a screenwriter for much of his working career and has written more than 200 documentary, travel, children's and other films and video. He lives and works in Chicago and Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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