Pet Ghosts
by Joshua Warren

ISBN: 1564148882
Publisher: New Page Books
235 pages

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Is your pet really dead? Paranormal investigator Joshua Warren thought his dachshund was, but for weeks after her death he still heard her shrill, desperate whining haunting his home. Using an array of high-tech equipment, he searched for her presence. What he found led him on an exploration of ghostly animals throughout history. That exploration is here, in Pet Ghosts.

Ancient and medieval texts from all cultures are filled with references to spectral creatures, from witch's familiars like ominous cats and owls, to giant hellhounds and werewolves. Some beasts, such as fire-breathing dragons, Bigfoot, and Mothman, may even be spirits of mysterious extinct animals.

Today, reports of "phantimals" are as abundant as ever. In Pet Ghosts, Warren recounts many real-life experiences: a man haunted by the cackling calls of his dead African Gray, a "Christmas dinner hog" pursuing the farmer that killed him, a snake that slithers between this world and the next.

Many animals can sense information beyond human ability. Dogs and cats can hear more, birds can see more, and some fish even have a sixth sense for magnetism. What makes the relationship with your pet so special? Perhaps that's what often keeps them around long after death.

Also included in Pet Ghosts:

  • Interviews with animal experts, such as cryptozoologist Loren Coleman.

  • Simple tools and techniques for you to find and record your pet's spirit.

  • Theories on how "phantimals" manifest.

  • Tips on how to contact your deceased pet.

From known creatures to unknown, ancient to modern, anecdote to scientific theory, in text and pictures, Pet Ghosts is a comprehensive look at how animal spirits relate to humans, for better or for worse, and how you can document them on your own.

Praise for Pet Ghosts

"At times haunting, often touching, always intriguing, Pet Ghosts is a must-have book." —Jeff Belanger, author of The World’s Most Haunted Places and founder of


is a world-renowned paranormal investigator who currently appears on the Discovery Channel series "X-Ops" and hosts a regional radio show, "Speaking of Strange." He has also been regularly featured on TLC, the Travel Channel, and the History Channel. As president of his research team, L.E.M.U.R., Warren uses scientific methods to document unexplainable activity. He wrote the best-selling Haunted Asheville, which refers to his home city in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and How to Hunt Ghosts. His articles have been published internationally, and he has been covered by such mainstream periodicals as Southern Living, Delta Sky, FATE, New Woman, The New York Times, and FHM.

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