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Edgar Cayce’s Astrological Revelations
by John Willner

St Martin’s Press, 1998
ISBN: 0312965516
Astrology, 256 pages
Mass Market Paperback, $6.99

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Edgar Cayce brought his genius to a number of fields, such as health, spirituality, and philosophy. But Cayce also revealed a number of astrological truths, collected here for the first time by astrologer John Willner. In Edgar Cayce’s Astrological Revelations, readers will gain a deep understanding of Cayce’s views of the “true” birth time, reincarnation and the horoscope, how astrological information is stored within the body, and how astrology can reveal each person’s life purpose.


John Willner
Kevin J Todeschi: Dream Interpretation (and more!) Made Easy
(April 29, 1925 - December 11, 2004) was an astrologer and the author of The Perfect Horoscope, published by Paraview Press. Willner was also a senior scientist who led state-of-the-art technologies through most of his career. He successfully applied astrology to hiring professional employees, making important business decisions, selecting his marriage partner, and assisting other people who were aware of his astrological insights.

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