Get Psychic
By Stacey Wolf

Warner Books, 2001
Self-Help & New Age, 224 pp
ISBN: 0446677973 
Trade paperback: $14.95 

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Everyone has a fascination with psychic ability, especially teens. They want to know their future, whether it is about what college they will get into, whether their relationship with their boyfriend/girlfriend will be short term or long term, or even what their best friend is really thinking. For that reason, many are attracted to tarot card readers, palm readers and street psychics. However, this psychic power is actually a skill derived from a person's intuition and sixth sense. In fact, each of us has inner psychic powers that we choose whether or not to use every day. In Get Psychic! Stacey Wolf helps teens discover their own special psychic talents using a guide especially directed to them.

Using a playful but direct approach to take the mystery out of psychic phenomena, Get Psychic! instructs teens on how to develop their spiritual talents to become more in tune with themselves and their environments. Teens can learn how to identify psychic experiences and learn to enhance their senses to find intuitive moments whenever they want. Teens will also love the psychic dictionary, which explains the hidden meanings of everything around them. With accurate tests and quizzes, games, development exercises, fun sidebars, and "psy-tips," teens everywhere will be sure to get the real experience of the sixth sense. Get Psychic! also includes:

Stacey Wolf: Get Psychic -- Discover your hidden powers Psychic games to find out what will happen at next Friday's party, what that hottie is really thinking, or even how to talk to angels

Stacey Wolf: Get Psychic -- Discover your hidden powers How to combine the list of psychic foods and tools lying around the house with games and techniques to activate and refine your inner sense

Stacey Wolf: Get Psychic -- Discover your hidden powers Step-by-step instructions on how to give psychic readings and truly amaze friends by talking to higher powers

Stacey Wolf: Get Psychic -- Discover your hidden powers Learn the psychic meanings of flickering candles, animals, and numbers in the Dictionary of Psychic Signs

With Get Psychic! teens everywhere will be putting away their Ouija boards and making their own predictions.

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STACEY WOLF is one of the youngest professionally recognized psychic and spiritual counselor in America. She has appeared on numerous TV and radio shows throughout the country including The View, Late Night with David Letterman, ABC's World News Now, Good Day New York, and the Z100 Morning Show. Stacey, a former producer at MTV, is also the author of Stacey Wolf's Psychic Living: A Complete Guide to Enhancing Your Life with Universal Energy and Secrets of the Signs. She has also been featured in several books including The Top 100 Psychics in America by Paulette Cooper. She lives in New York with her miniature poodle Duncan.

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