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Love Secrets of the Signs
Astro-Analyze Your Life
by Stacey Wolf

Warner Books, 2003
ISBN: 0446678821
Astrology, 160 pages
Paperback, $14.95

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What teen isnít interested in dating and love -- and astrology? Now Stacey Wolf offers teens a fun, useable guide to understanding the connection between love and the stars. Teens will enjoy discovering everything from how to choose the perfect date to how to avoid messy situations -- as well as how to unlock the hidden mysteries of true love. With accurate tests and quizzes, games, development exercises, fun sidebars, and "psy-tips" along the way, it's like no other astrology book on the market.

Secrets of the Signs
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Never Throw Rice at a Pisces

  Never Throw Rice at a Pisces: The Bride's Astrology Guide to Planning Your Wedding, Choosing Your Honeymoon, and Loving Every Second of It, No Matter What Your Sign by Stacey Wolf

STACEY WOLF is one of the youngest professionally recognized psychic and spiritual counselors in America. She is the author of a number of books on spirituality, psychic insights, and astrology, with a special emphasis on teen issues. She has appeared on TV programs including Fox and Friends, The View, Hard Copy, ABC World News Now, The Man Show, and Good Day New York. She has also been featured in several books, including The Top 100 Psychics in America by Paulette Cooper. She lives in New York with her miniature poodle Duncan.

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